"so what does a good trainer do?  create tension - but just the right amount"


created by a native Tucsonan.  we are 100% local, 100% Tucson, which means we really know how to SWEAT.  we live downtown, work downtown, eat downtown, play downtown, and now we SWEAT downtown.

shop local.  eat local.  SWEAT local.


*always hiring more rockstar trainers.  interested?  message us!


meet our team


Born and raised in Tucson, ballet and Bikram yoga were my first loves. After graduating from Boston University with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, I worked for corporate America in Atlanta, Albuquerque, and Durango. During this time I became a group fitness junkie and received my Registered Yoga Teacher 200. Missing the desert and the ever evolving culture of Downtown Tucson, I moved home hoping to make a contribution in some way. I live, work, and play Downtown, but Downtown was lacking something - somewhere to sweat. LET'S SWEAT was born. A 2nd home where we can come together to share a combination of our fitness loves - cycling, HIIT, strength training, yoga, perhaps pilates... Something new and healthy for Downtown Tucson and our daily routines! The best part of your day; our day. Together, today, and tomorrow.


Originally from Pennsylvania I have been teaching and training for over 17 years. I am a former collegiate field hockey, softball, and club rugby player, hence my love for movement. I hold a M.S. in Exercise Science, along with NSCA –CSCS, ACSM-Ex Phys Specialist, Spinning, Surfset, Kettlebell, and TRX certifications. Functional training, mobility, and alignment are my loves. I am also a certified Nutrition Specialist thru the AASDN. I enjoy working with a variety of abilities and ages and being a military wife has afforded me a variety of opportunities and experiences over the years teaching, coaching, and training individuals 3 to 87 year olds. My husband and I enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle, outdoor activities, yoga, sporting events, and traveling. More than a workout, it’s helping to create a healthy balance, challenge, educate, and watch my clients reach their goals - that is my passion.


I am a Tucson native and love outdoor activities such as running, hiking, and biking. I grew up playing soccer and running track. As an undergraduate at the University of Arizona, I am currently pursuing degrees in both Biochemistry and Nutrition. I have a passion for health and wellness and hold group fitness and indoor cycling certifications. I began instructing as soon as I could drive myself to class! Since then, I have continued to challenge participants through an array of different workout formats. If you’re looking for a high-energy, strengthening, and motivating workout, come try a class with me!


My name is Brittany and I'm an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and your Let's Sweat Nutritionist! I began my personal fitness career and journey in 2011 teaching Lesmills programs which inspired me to pursue nutrition and fitness further ultimately leading to my certifications in dance, HIIT, weights, and cycling instruction. As a cycling/fitness trainer and Nutritionist, I love helping clients of all fitness levels reach their goals through both training and nutrition education. I'm a graduate of The University of Arizona and received my Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences with a minor in Sports Management. On my spare time, I enjoy taking part in activities such as dancing, boxing, singing, and piano playing. I look forward to meeting everyone who joins the Let's Sweat family!


After moving quite a bit as a child, I found my home in the pool. As an elite swimmer, I witnessed the way working out together can build life-long friendships. I am passionate about creating community and think movement is a great way to do it. I'm a certified group fitness instructor and have worked with people from ages 2 to 82, including experience with University of Arizona Athletics (go Cats!). Join me for an intentional hour of taking time and space for yourself, building friendship and of course...sweating!

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Originally from Chicago, but have been bouncing all over as a military spouse. I am a former collegiate volleyball player, but overall sport enthusiast. I enjoy hiking, running, biking, yoga, and dancing. I hold my BA in Athletic Training and currently working towards a certification in Personal Training. I have a passion for health and wellness and people, specifically helping people. There is nothing else in the world that brings me as much joy knowing I have impacted someone or helped them attain a goal. If you want to have a smile put on your face, sweat dripping from your body, or witness some awesome dance moves come stop by and take my class!

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I was born and raised in Toronto Canada where I began my career in swimming as a child taking swim lessons at McMaster University. Years later I graduated from the University of Arizona. Despite my desire to compete all four years in swimming on the collegiate level, an unfortunate and un-diagnosed back injury halted my swimming career. It was at this time that I began coaching. In addition to training the age group and senior levels, I developed and continue to coach the Masters Swim Program. After years of working as a financial planner, I knew I was destined to return to the pool and fitness world. I have developed a passion for exercise routines that are based upon the idea of high intensity functional movements. I believe the human body is designed to be versatile, and non-varied routines stunt growth both mentally and physically. My ultimate passion comes from helping people of all ages plan, obtain and exceed their personal goals.

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I have now been in this industry professionally for 20 years. I represent TRX as a Senior Master Instructor providing education to trainers, coaches and fitness enthusiasts around the globe. I also own and operate a personal training and consulting business. In all things, I pride myself in my commitment to continual improvement and I aspire to inspire in everyone -the one, or the many- a new passion and understanding of how improvements in performance, strength and movement are not only an effective way to reach one’s goals but also in continuing their own evolution towards consistency, intensity, accuracy and precision of those goals. Move well, move often, master the basics and together we can reach new heights.

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After living in Albuquerque, NM and Austin, TX for college and graduate school, I decided to return back to my roots here in the Old Pueblo. Somewhere along my college journey, I fell in love with group fitness classes— and eventually decided to give instructing a shot. I officially started my cycling career in June 2018. I am obsessed with music, and love crafting my playlists to showcase my rhythmic style class. The way to my heart? Sour candy. Copious amounts.

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Let's Sweat was my first spin class EVER! I fell in love with the rhythmic movement and how maintaining a consistent routine led me to finding my strongest and healthiest self. I wanted to share this energy and apply my love for anatomy and fitness with a community that has been so beautifully created. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist, where I've split my time working in Flagstaff, Alaska and now sunny Tucson! I feel most alive when in motion! Whether it be on the bike, my yoga mat, mountain trails or river rapids- I strive to always learn a deeper meaning of life through MOVEMENT. I'm thrilled to be here; can't wait to groove and sweat with you in class Tucson!


I was born here in Tucson but spent most of my childhood in Charleston, South Carolina so I consider myself a Southwestern Belle! I attended a performing arts High School where I pursued ballet and modern dance! After High School I continued being semi active but never really found a gym community that I loved! That all changed when I came to the Let’s Sweat Grand Opening… I finally felt welcomed and excited about working out! Let’s Sweat has truly changed the way I view fitness. I am so happy to be part of the amazing team.